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amorous / влюбленный, влюбчивый, любовный
имя прилагательное
enamored, in love, amorous, passionate, sweet, soft
amorous, amative, susceptible, warm
love, amorous, erotic, amatory, amative, gallant
имя прилагательное
showing, feeling, or relating to sexual desire.
she rejected his amorous advances
As a woman, how do you reject a man who is amorous in his advances in a way that doesn't scar him for life.
Imagine how I'd tell you of my valiant attempts to fight off her amorous advances!
He first turns her down stating that he had quit practice but later takes up the case as the young lovers reminded him of his amorous youth.
Enchanted by the warmth of her smile, Brian suddenly felt confused by an unexpected rush of amorous desire.
No, don't worry, I'm not about to argue that it's those with looks of glee on their faces and amorous suitors latched onto each arm.
I learned this from classmates bragging about their amorous conquests of the night before.
These works are considered as icons of amorous pursuits in an age of gallantry and the accompanying and complementary coquetry.
The amorous Nightingale first came forward almost beside himself with passion.
Together the trio brave flash floods, runaway trains, explosions, and attention by amorous bulls.
Carefully blending amorous subtlety with a more solid and dense desire, the band sound solid and fluent on stage.