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amok / вне себя, в ярости, бешено
вне себя
amok, amuck
в ярости
in a towering rage, amok, frenzied, amuck
furiously, madly, frantically, rabidly, without restraint, amok
имя существительное
amok, amuck, amock
имя прилагательное
amuck, amok
mad, rabid, frantic, furious, frenzied, amok
вышедший из-под контроля
runaway, amok, amuck
behave uncontrollably and disruptively.
stone-throwing anarchists running amok
stone-throwing anarchists running amok
her feelings seemed to be running amok
stone-throwing anarchists were running amok
Do staff members try to make up for the lack of rampaging aliens by occasionally running amok themselves?
Exploitation runs amuck as the director uses the clan to create what he considers lively entertainment.
Was it that his age was such that his hormones were running amuck , or was he deeply frustrated with his life, or did he simply try to kick the pup because he could?
And you see corporate crime running amuck with very limited enforcement resources.
More precisely, the film's fiction has nature running amuck as a result of toxic waste, dumped out of corporate greed.
Why is it that when a lunatic, criminal or terrorist runs amok with a gun, the media shouts ‘ban guns’, yet when an aircraft is deliberately flown into a skyscraper or a joyrider wipes out a bus queue, we never hear ‘ban aircraft and cars’.
The police won't really come out unless someone's running amuck .