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amoeba / амеба
имя существительное
amoeba, ameba
Killing disrupts the great chain of being, the chain that started with amoeba and jellyfish and plankton.
Here I've been thinking what a wonderful guy he is and he actually considers me the lowest form of amoeba .
And, naturally, there would be variations from one amoeba to another, from one gazelle to another, and from one human to another.
There is the primordial sludge and then the more pristine amoeba .
Trichoplax is just two cells thick, has only four cell types and looks like a giant multicellular amoeba .
Does it not follow that if the evolution of amoeba to man is fact, then the development of primitive man to civilized man must be fact also?
Contact with protozoa, the tremendously varied group of more sophisticated single-celled microbes that includes amoeba and paramecium, has also been greatly reduced in the developed world by water and food treatment measures.
Pheromones are widespread in the animal world, from the single-celled amoeba to human beings.
Almost every species studied, from amoeba to man, exhibits some form of habituation when the stimulus is frequently repeated or constantly applied.
Contact lenses can cause conjunctivitis if they get contaminated with bacteria or, rarely, tiny creatures called amoeba .