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amnesty / амнистия, прощение
имя существительное
amnesty, oblivion, general pardon, free pardon
forgiveness, pardon, remission, absolution, mercy, amnesty
имя существительное
an official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offenses.
an amnesty for political prisoners
grant an official pardon to.
the guerrillas would be amnestied and allowed to return to civilian life
However, there are no plans at this time to have an amnesty on illegal weapons.
Nonetheless, usage often views these terms as interchangeable, so that persons not yet tried are pardoned and prisoners serving sentences are granted an amnesty .
Pressure was also brought by the newspapers and caused Parliament to vote for, in the name of the unity of France, an amnesty , which pardoned the 13 convicted Alsatians.
The government is to discuss a general amnesty for prisoners convicted of crimes that might be politically motivated, a senior official said yesterday.
They were each sentenced to 29 years in prison but were released in 1992 as part of an amnesty granted to political prisoners, having served only five years of their sentence.
No amnesty may be granted to him, nor can he be ransomed.
Are aliens really visiting the Earth, and if so, should we amnesty them and give them vote?
Thereafter, the Legislative Assembly granted amnesty for political crimes committed during the war.
The four-week amnesty , involving all police forces in England, Scotland and Wales, to reduce the number of illegal guns in society was launched last week.
So if a person takes advantage of the amnesty , other plaintiffs can still sue the person later, though the RIAA cannot.