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amnesia / амнезия, потеря памяти
имя существительное
потеря памяти
имя существительное
a partial or total loss of memory.
He was suffering from total amnesia and dementia praecox and was duly incarcerated in an asylum in Rodez in central France.
This period of childhood amnesia is now generally believed to end at about age three or four.
The deputy either has a very short memory or is suffering from political amnesia .
Clearly, if I suffer selective amnesia , forgetting, say, five years of my life, I do not cease to be me.
In the wishful shelter of ignorance or amnesia , an abiding melancholy tends to creep into the populace.
One theory is that he has suffered a trauma which has caused amnesia , one of the methods the mind uses to retreat from a shock.
It covers a range of clinical presentations from identity disorder to amnesia .
He slept like a log, his amnesia forgotten, through the morning and the noon.
Were they to be subjected to artificial amnesia to make them forget what they saw and did?
Post-traumatic amnesia is defined as ending when clear and continual memory returns.
Another form of potentially blissful ignorance is traumatic amnesia .