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amity / дружелюбие, согласие, дружественные отношения
имя существительное
friendliness, friendship, amity, amiability, amicability, bonhomie
agreement, consent, harmony, accordance, accord, amity
дружественные отношения
имя существительное
a friendly relationship.
international amity and goodwill
To say that the two communities lived in peace and amity would be a generalization, which time-serving politicians like very much.
Perhaps the most convincing explanation of all is the simple fact that liberal states tend to be in relations of amity with other liberal states.
The council called for an immediate cessation of this divisive public discourse and also called for firm and impartial application of the law of the land against those who continue to endanger public peace and amity by such discourse.
And I noticed this morning that the New South Wales Premier was talking about cooperation and amity and harmony and love and peace.
She said this would also remove misunderstanding and foster amity and friendship among the people of the two countries.
Signifying the ‘bond of protection’, the Indian festival, of tying the knot of amity , brotherhood and long life, is a symbol of seeking divine bliss.
Our commitment to peace, dialogue and amity between the two countries remains.
What can be reasonably claimed is that dispassionate study and research is a good route to the achievement of greater international amity .
The trip to the ashram opens a new world of religious amity and brotherhood before the children.
What cordial relations of amity or commerce are possible under such conditions?