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amigo / приятель, друг
имя существительное
friend, buddy, pal, mate, man, amigo
friend, mate, lover, chum, sidekick, amigo
имя существительное
used to address or refer to a friend, chiefly in Spanish-speaking areas.
I will think about it, amigo
I'll do my best. Adios, amigo
I ordered a Mai-tai, my dreadlocked amigo ordered some turquoise concoction and my bald-headed friend requested a local beer.
I will think about it, amigo
The middle act is interesting in that it deals with friends discussing their departed amigo , who was not always a nice guy.
She could wind up treating you more like an alibi than an amigo !
Now, we all know, amigos , that that's one of the seven dirty words you can't say on the air.
Let me tell you, I was in a serious jam, amigos : I wasn't crazy about the idea of getting busted trying to break into some otter tank, but I definitely wasn't about to let good weed go to waste.
Already it's rare to find a national politician in the US who won't attempt to stammer a few words of ‘Spanglish’ whenever they might court new amigos .
And though we enjoyed our lunch date here with a group of amigos , the bar-like atmosphere made us want to return at night, too, for beers and live bands.
Thousands of my amigos , my comrades, my brothers-in-arms had packed up their VW vans with anything they could smoke and were heading for higher ground.