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amidships / в средней части судна, у миделя, посередине корабля
в средней части судна
у миделя
amidships, midships
посередине корабля
amidships, midships
in the middle of a ship.
the destroyer rammed her amidships
Further forward, the aft hold is broken plates, then the amidships deckhouse and winch-gear lies intact and upside-down, and the goalpost mast has fallen diagonally across the wreck.
Modifications to the hull included increasing the freeboard amidships and flaring the topsides to widen the beam at the weatherdeck.
Additional bollards may be located alongside the holds, just forward and aft of the amidships superstructure.
Only two men could be seen on her deck, one at the tiller and one amidships to work the sail.
As the exhausted and injured men slept below decks the ship was struck amidships by a torpedo from a German E-boat and she broke in two, sinking in just 15 seconds.
These installations typically involve the engines being situated nearly amidships , with a straight shaft driving a three or more bladed propeller.
Forward of this amidships seat was a locker offering additional stowage, situated on the centre-line, which was flanked by bonded pads which nestled the fuel-tanks in position.
The vessel is badly damaged from amidships aft.
The first spread hit her slightly aft of amidships , obliterating the crew quarters, mess, and medical bay in an instant.
It is an unusual design of ship, a collier with engine-room aft and wheelhouse amidships .