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amends / возмещение, компенсация, вознаграждение
имя существительное
compensation, reimbursement, recovery, redress, indemnity, amends
compensation, satisfaction, indemnification, offset, reimbursement, amends
reward, remuneration, fee, compensation, payment, amends
имя существительное
reparation or compensation.
try to make amends for the rude way you spoke to Lucy
make minor changes in (a text) in order to make it fairer, more accurate, or more up-to-date.
the rule was amended to apply only to nonmembers
But the train company was forced to pay several hundreds of pounds in taxi fares to Hull and Bridlington after passengers demanded amends during what they said was 40 minutes of heated argument.
Our amends may include a sincere apology, removing the shards, getting the carpet cleaned and buying a new bottle of milk.
Ted distributes amends notes to everyone but Emmett.
Gahan is unlikely to forget his last outing, and will be looking for amends this time around.
However, after nearly a week of their nonsense, Madelyn concluded that she'd had enough and the two were coerced into amends .
try to make amends for the rude way you spoke to Lucy
There is need for amends to ensure that the civil society concentrates on its set objectives.
try to make amends for the rude way you spoke to Lucy
The question of amends , not accepted by one half of the family but ultimately accepted by the other half of the family, was only third in line of what the judge said was important in the reduction of the sentence.
If you could only tell me what I've done, I will do my best to offer amends .