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amendment / поправка, изменение, исправление
имя существительное
amendment, correction, modification, corrective, rectification, rider
change, variation, modification, alteration, shift, amendment
correction, rectification, repair, redress, amendment, reformation
имя существительное
a minor change in a document.
Had he been told about this, he would have made the necessary amendments to the sale documents to reflect that fact.
Take a good look, not just at the content of this amendment , but also at the way it is written.
The Administration supports this amendment and so should we.
Clause 15 of this document, which I will come to in a minute, deals with amendment of its terms.
It could be brought about only by way of Treaty amendment .
Bishop Nigel McCulloch was travelling to London to support an amendment to the higher education bill in the House of Lords.
the law required amendment
an amendment to existing bail laws
By filibustering, senators attempt to prevent a vote on a measure or amendment .
she marked the text for amendment
I have not received a request for amendment from any attendee.