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amenable / поддающийся, сговорчивый, ответственный
имя прилагательное
amenable, susceptible, capable, adaptable, accessible
accommodating, pliable, amenable, tractable, manageable, appeasable
responsible, accountable, liable, answerable, chargeable, amenable
имя прилагательное
(of a person) open and responsive to suggestion; easily persuaded or controlled.
parents who have had easy babies and amenable children
The ladies have been very amenable so far, some of them spoke out at the meeting, stood up and identified themselves and asked questions.
He has always been very amenable about having things done to him and he seems to know it is good for him.
Visibly thrilled over his visit, Sreejaya says that contrary to apprehension that he would be cold and remote, the Prince came across as a very amenable and caring person.
Therefore our interest in a publicly neutral chairperson is solely focused on creating the most amenable context for conducting the discussion.
He has several ideas on making the city more amenable for pedal pushers.
The forcefulness of his stand-up comedy and righteousness of his political writing make it easy to forget that the fortysomething father of two is a good-natured, funny and amenable bloke.
The company must negotiate the planning departments of many UK local councils, and Howes diplomatically suggests that some are more amenable than others.
For me, the great appeal to doing an album was that the medium is amenable - you can actually do it yourself.
And, if the law needed to be changed, she believed Justice Minister Michael McDowell was amenable .
Supt Hussey had always been co-operative, diligent and amenable in his work, she said.