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ambulatory / амбулаторный, ходячий, передвижной
имя прилагательное
outpatient, ambulatory, ambulant, extramural
walking, current, ambulatory, gressorial
mobile, traveling, movable, portable, transportable, ambulatory
имя существительное
амбулаторный больной
outpatient, ambulatory
галерея для прогулок
крытая аркада
cloister, slype, ambulatory
имя прилагательное
relating to or adapted for walking.
After five years, she switched to ambulatory dialysis, which she could do at home - and tried to live as full a life as possible.
имя существительное
a place for walking, especially an aisle around the apse or a cloister in a church or monastery.
Foundations on Bruneau's plan are so wide and so clearly parallel to, and equal distances from, the north and south walls, respectively, that they must have delimited corridors or ambulatories .
Each survey was conducted among a nationally representative, random sample of office-based physicians who provide ambulatory patient care.
Dr Arnmon addressed ambulatory surgery for patients with diabetes, saying that a tight schedule is never a reason to perform a procedure.
Surgeons typically choose the vein from the leg since its removal does not cause any future ambulatory problems.
All horses were ambulatory following transport from the site of purchase.
On the day of surgery, the patient registers at the ambulatory care unit, where nurses prepare him or her for surgery.
Adult patients scheduled for ambulatory surgery were invited to participate.
One ambulatory schizophrenic had been an outpatient since childhood and an inpatient for one-third of his adult life.
Amid simple, wood-panelled walls, 10 black neo-classical columns support a vault of gilded beams and a complex ambulatory of exquisitely painted murals depicting male and female saints.
Acute bronchitis, one of the most common diagnoses in ambulatory care medicine, accounted for approximately 2.5 million visits to U.S. physicians in 1998.
The Camden Society were brought in after part of the ambulatory vaulting had collapsed.