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ambulance / скорая помощь, скорая, машина скорой помощи
имя существительное
скорая помощь
ambulance, first-aid
ambulance, ambulance car
машина скорой помощи
ambulance, ambulance car
имя существительное
a vehicle specially equipped for taking sick or injured people to and from the hospital, especially in emergencies.
Six to seven emergency vehicles and four ambulances are also provided.
The woman in the other vehicle had to be cut free from her vehicle and was flown to hospital in the air ambulance .
the ambulance service
Otherwise if the ambulance service gets an emergency elsewhere they may not be able to go to it.
She was taken to hospital in an ambulance suffering a broken neck but later died.
ambulance crew
The patient in the ambulance and a paramedic who was in the back of it were taken to hospital in a second ambulance .
I received the phone call, jumped into a taxi and followed the ambulance to the hospital.
What possesses them to trash an ambulance outside a hospital in broad daylight?
He was stretchered into an ambulance and taken to hospital where he will remain overnight.
We assume all duties which are carried out by our ambulance service are emergencies.