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ambrosia / амброзия, перга, пища богов
имя существительное
ambrosia, ragweed
пища богов
имя существительное
the food of the gods.
So they have a special drink called nectar, and they eat food which is ambrosia , which is immortal.
It's one of those dishes that's just crying out for some mandarin chicken salad and a scoop of ambrosia .
It tasted wonderful to her, like ambrosia compared to the slop Vinch had been feeding her all of her life.
Eloise had brought, of all things, ambrosia ; Rowena had lost her taste for this dish years ago but Leslie Campbell loaded up his plate - and made sure Eloise saw him do it.
Then my feet no longer rest on earth, but standing by Zeus himself I take my fill of ambrosia , the divine dish.
The goo was warm; it smelled like ambrosia , and glinted like a prism caught in sunlight.
No mortal could ever taste ambrosia , as Greek myth said.
Then he drank his lukewarm black coffee and ate the bittersweet chocolate, which went down like so much nectar and ambrosia : never a better breakfast hath man eaten, Bob felt.
What was left was as a good a piece of beef as I have ever cooked or tasted - ambrosia for the meat-eating gods.
the tea was ambrosia after the slop I'd been suffering
I'll never forget my first sip of that citric ambrosia .