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amble / иноходь, легкая походка, легкий шаг
имя существительное
amble, ambling, pace, rack
легкая походка
tripping, amble
легкий шаг
trip, amble
бежать иноходью
ехать на иноходце
идти иноходью
pace, amble, rack
имя существительное
a walk at a slow, relaxed pace, especially for pleasure.
a peaceful riverside amble
walk or move at a slow, relaxed pace.
they ambled along the riverbank
For instance, in the new building where my amble ended, walking among paintings which are themselves familiar, it's possible to feel a colder, rougher, emptier island which is unfamiliar.
Sunday, with my ankle still hurting from a sprain on the walk back, the most I could manage was an amble round the Waterfalls walk, and a stop in the pub.
The ducks on the river were managing the torrents and we thought we could manage the riverside amble .
But a stiff amble around its cobbled streets, taking in the fierce castle and the quaint medieval Baroque theatre installed in a former granary in the square, confirmed my good first impressions.
Greenbank is a demonstration garden where people can glean practical and creative ideas either from a leisurely amble or from the programme of courses and guided walks.
I headed out for a walk this afternoon, but had to turn back about 10 minutes into my amble .
If you're ever wandering around there, take an amble into the bar and grab a seat, if one is available.
One of the nicest and simplest ski-free activities is simply to go for a walk, as I discover when I take a gentle amble from Sunnbüel to the Schwarenbach mountain hut.
A quick amble about the station revealed that the left luggage lockers were closed and sealed due to the security precautions.
A short amble onwards, the streets become shambolic, messy, invested with noise and life.