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ambition / амбиция, честолюбие, стремление
имя существительное
ambition, ambitiousness
aspiration, pursuit, tendency, intention, ambition, endeavor
домогаться чего-л.
имя существительное
a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.
her ambition was to become a model
she always had an ambition to act
he achieved his ambition of making a fortune
With pop star-like ambition , they say they don't want to stop until they make it to Broadway.
He was way too ambitious, and that ambition got in the way of so many things.
At the same time, the one real task, the single abiding ambition of my life, was to be as good a father as I could.
So is it personal ambition that's driven her to scale the upper heights of the ministry?
life offered few opportunities for young people with ambition
he achieved his ambition of playing for Ireland
his ambition to succeed was clear
Zoe has as much drive and ambition as any parent of a ten year old could wish to see, and still wants to direct films.