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ambidextrous / двуличный, владеющий двумя руками
имя прилагательное
duplicitous, ambidextrous, double, ambidexterous, ambidexter, double-faced
владеющий двумя руками
ambidexterous, ambidextrous
имя прилагательное
(of a person) able to use the right and left hands equally well.
few of us are naturally ambidextrous
Other left-handers I know are reasonably ambidextrous , but sadly not many of us are capable of doing everything with both hands.
‘We're not all ambidextrous ,’ Vaughn said, catching his breath.
It's an ambidextrous design for the most part, but it's still better suited for right handers.
Although I'm ambidextrous , there are few things I do equally well with either hand.
Linden was ambidextrous , capable of using both her hands with equal ability - to write, throw, anything.
The ambidextrous safety levers were just the right size: big enough to be fast and positive to release, small enough that they weren't accidentally released in routine carry.
Australia's John Buchanan would like ambidextrous players.
Over two-thirds of the parents indicated that at least one, if not both, parents are left-handed or ambidextrous .
The light is activated with an ambidextrous pressure switch just under the trigger guard, wrapped around the front area of the grips.
He carved only with his right hand and was surprised to learn that some carvers were ambidextrous .