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ambassador / посол, представитель, посланец
имя существительное
ambassador, legate, mercury
representative, spokesman, member, agent, delegate, ambassador
envoy, ambassador, missionary, missioner
messenger, herald, ambassador, mercury
имя существительное
an accredited diplomat sent by a country as its official representative to a foreign country.
the French ambassador to Portugal
He had been hoping to be named the new ambassador to Singapore, or perhaps South Korea.
Mrs Newsome has decided to send out an ambassador to rescue Chad and bring him home.
he's a United Nations ambassador
Benjamin Franklin was the US ambassador to absolutist France after the American Revolution.
Gareth even became an ambassador for Bradford when he supported the city's bid.
His reward for services rendered is to have been nominated as the new British ambassador to the US.
He was extremely popular and a wonderful ambassador for the school when representing us in sporting tournaments.
The group was able to see the UK ambassador to the Dominican Republic and the Attorney General.
The English ambassador to Holland even threatened to embargo any merchants who traded with the new company.
cultural ambassador