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amazement / изумление, удивление
имя существительное
amazement, astonishment, wonder, daze, bewilderment, wonderment
surprise, wonder, astonishment, amazement, wonderment, amaze
имя существительное
a feeling of great surprise or wonder.
she shook her head in amazement
she shook her head in amazement
The Greek media reacted with relief and amazement at their sprinters' announcements.
The excited crowd stood wide eyed in amazement at the spectacle that lit up the night sky.
When I turned back to walk up to the house through the lengthening shadows I stopped still in amazement .
His three friends looked on in amazement as each article was taken out of the box.
She dragged them both back to the den to the shock and amazement of all three of them.
I thought that most of the farmers would have better things to do but to my amazement more than 70 showed up.
Some will shake their heads in amazement that such a debate still goes on.
she shook her head in amazement
To my horror and amazement , everyone on the boat laughed, grabbed their masks and fins and jumped in.