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amatory / любовный, любящий
имя прилагательное
love, amorous, erotic, amatory, amative, gallant
loving, fond, affectionate, tender, amatory
имя прилагательное
relating to or induced by sexual love or desire.
his amatory exploits
While his own amatory flames are being fanned, he looks back at others who have gone before him, particularly to the period before the second world war.
By the same token, Bo Diddley taught the incorrect but unforgettable version of the amatory question: ‘Who Do You Love?’
The spectacle of poetry used as an amatory tool is one of those historical legacies much in evidence when poetry goes public.
In a number of places in his work, Andrews suggests that the erotic / amatory impulse has become overwhelmed by consumerist images and the desires they invoke and create.
With the reference to raptures, Herrick returns to the amatory imagery that links profane, sacred, and poetic themes.
But collectively they present a hazy picture of a luckless dreamer with unfortunate amatory judgment.
As a personal poet, he attacked enemies by name and described without inhibition his own amatory exploits.
He may have painted Madonnas beautifully but his first biographer Vasari suggested his death was not due to fever but to amatory excess.
They might have added that he had the amatory skills of Casanova.
It is precisely because the characters' amatory trials are so real that we are moved by their final Mozartian resolution.