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amass / накапливать, собирать, копить
accumulate, store, pile up, pile, amass, stockpile
collect, gather, pick, assemble, congregate, amass
save, stash, hoard, save up, lay up, amass
gather together or accumulate (a large amount or number of valuable material or things) over a period of time.
starting from nothing he had amassed a huge fortune
They looked upon electoral victory as licence to abuse power, help cronies and amass huge fortunes.
Yet, it has still managed to amass a huge amount of cash and a reputation as an aggressive and relentless competitor.
But eventually you're out there playing shows all the time, and you amass enough material, and you think it's time to sink or swim and take it seriously.
In more trials with indigenous plants, his immediate challenge was to amass sufficient quantities of seed so that large areas might be replanted.
Traditionally only organizations had the resources to amass large amounts of consumer information.
But he failed to answer questions that the Treasury had amassed four billion pounds extra in tax through the increases.
They amassed a number of chances to put victory beyond doubt before half-time.
Peirce spent five years studying the case and amassed an astonishing quantity of information.
I myself am an amasser of many odd and pretty things, so I could appreciate Steven's menagerie quite well.
Little is known about how he amassed such a huge fortune before his death in 1852 aged 72.