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amalgamation / объединение, слияние, амальгамирование
имя существительное
association, union, unification, combination, merger, amalgamation
merger, fusion, confluence, amalgamation, integration, junction
amalgamation, quicksilvering, foiling
имя существительное
the action, process, or result of combining or uniting.
the threat of amalgamation with a competitor
an amalgamation of two separate companies
There is a national procedure for amalgamations involving a joint managerial body and provision for a set of discussions leading to preferences for amalgamation .
the threat of amalgamation with a competitor
an amalgamation of two separate companies
the threat of amalgamation with another college
If there is one argument against amalgamations , this is it.
By that time it was halfway into reorganising itself for April 2001 into 42 new areas, eight of which were amalgamations needing new budgets and plans.
There are implications here too for areas with falling numbers and proposals for school amalgamations or closures.
All of these will be automatically assimilated into the new school, but as is the practice with all school amalgamations , an enhanced early retirement scheme will be on offer.
The job losses are a combined result of school amalgamations , closures and budget shortfalls across both the primary and secondary sector.