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amalgamate / сливаться, объединять, объединяться
merge, fuse, amalgamate, join, meld, interflow
unite, combine, integrate, consolidate, aggregate, amalgamate
unite, combine, come together, join, consolidate, amalgamate
unite, connect, join, combine, put together, amalgamate
combine or unite to form one organization or structure.
he amalgamated his company with another
Mercury is used by thousands of small-scale miners in the region to amalgamate gold.
This will possibly lead to rural clubs having to amalgamate to field a team.
Both insurance subsidiaries have announced their intention to amalgamate .
It was furthermore shown that there is at atmospheric pressure very strong tendency for mercury to amalgamate iron.
The following Kent schools have either recently undergone amalgamation or are due to amalgamate .
A business is often sold, purchased, merged, or amalgamated with another business by the purchase and sale of either assets or shares.
In 1989 this was restructured so that the smaller local bodies were amalgamated with larger ones.
He was also a keen hurler and in recent years saw his beloved Ballinakill Club amalgamated with Woodford.
The school, which up to now was independent, is to be amalgamated with St. Patrick's Boys Primary School, to become St Patrick's Primary School.
The party later amalgamated with the Greens and Hale herself now represents the Greens in the parliament's Legislative Council.