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always / всегда, постоянно, вечно
always, ever, anytime, every time, perennially, aye
constantly, always, permanently, forever, perennially, hourly
eternally, always, perennially
at all times; on all occasions.
the sun always rises in the east
as a last resort; failing all else.
if the marriage doesn't work out, we can always get divorced
the sun always rises in the east
The owners were torn about the decision and regular staff meetings always produced discussion.
Health-conscious Julie Doyle always avoided the sun because of her fair skin.
she is always making derogatory remarks
did you always want to be a journalist?
I loved Halloween but the costume selection part of it was always the most annoying.
she will always be missed
Occupying powers always resort to such methods to subdue resistance to their rule.
They were members of the old stock of the Parish and she will be always missed.
Life is blissful where the sun always shines and the money keeps rolling in.