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altogether / совсем, в целом, совершенно
quite, at all, just, altogether, real, clear
в целом
generally, on the whole, altogether, in total, in its entirety, all in all
completely, absolutely, quite, entirely, perfectly, altogether
имя существительное
whole, integer, unit, entire, all, altogether
completely; totally.
I stopped seeing her altogether
How many people altogether work in the same organization?
In fact, I am not altogether sure that there is much truth at all going around Camps Bay these days.
he had married several times and had forty-six children altogether
We were ten altogether .
He does the game completion stats for us as well, and altogether it can be quite time-consuming so he does a good job.
But the idea that the danger is so great that it should stop us swimming altogether is preposterous.
I can even handle it if you stop coming here altogether - and believe me, I couldn't always have said that.
altogether it was a great evening
And it's also at about this time that I wonder whether to stop watching the news altogether .
I'm not at the point where I'm a danger to other road users, if I were I would stop night driving altogether .