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alto / альт, контральто
имя существительное
alto, viola
contralto, alto
имя существительное
a voice, instrument, or part below the highest range and above tenor, in particular.
Conveniently, there were four of us, suitably arranged into soprano, alto , tenor, and bass.
He was primarily self-taught beginning on trumpet before switching to alto sax.
Her voice trembled, rising from her normal alto to a shivery soprano.
This time she changed her voice into a deep alto .
Ornette also tries his hand at several other instruments besides alto .
Nothing so simple for the oboes as piccolo, soprano, alto , tenor or bass.
Having listened to a cassette of their music, Simon was captivated by the stirring sound of bass, alto and tenor harmonies.
The cor anglais and violin obbligato in the duet for male alto and tenor, Wie selig, with its thirds and lyrical highlights was particularly effective.
This order has been converted to the modern score order of soprano, alto , tenor, bass in the music examples below.
This she held out before her now with both hands as one does with an offering and, after another silent pause, she began to sing in a clear alto , the song of her own making, which Forest around seemed to understand, listening intently.
I put it in the bank until I saved up another £210 and bought a lovely alto saxophone.