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alternatively / поочередно, чередуясь
alternately, alternatively
as another option or possibility.
alternatively, you may telephone us direct
He may, alternatively , ask the Criminal Cases Review Committee to refer the case to the Court of Appeal, she said.
In fact, they are scheming and cheating to get through it, or alternatively , are depressed and dissatisfied.
I'd have to say I was content with the status quo or, alternatively , that I wanted change.
alternatively, you may telephone us direct
The Parliament may, alternatively , within three months propose amendments by an absolute majority of its component members.
Get real, I say, and properly punish these people or alternatively disqualify them from driving if they can't pay.
He asked the mayor to consider either running both Crossrail and District Line trains on the same track or alternatively extending the existing line to Kingston.
Your working day may not feel like such a slog if you don't hate your job, or alternatively you may find two enjoyable part-time gigs will fit the bill.
It is not even compulsory to be able to speak English - alternatively , they could demonstrate their aptitude in Welsh or Scottish Gaelic.
He alternatively encourages residents with any concerns to speak to the Ilkley parish councillor who represents their part of the parish.