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alternate / чередоваться, чередовать, перемежаться
alternate, rotate, interchange
alternate, rotate, interchange
имя существительное
deputy, vice, alternate, substitute, proxy, surrogate
understudy, backup, double, alternate, stand-in
имя прилагательное
additional, more, further, complementary, extra, alternate
alternate, rolling, interchangeable, rotational, rotative, alternant
variable, alternating, alternate, alternative, rotational, rotative
имя прилагательное
every other; every second.
she was asked to attend on alternate days
taking the place of; alternative.
the rerouted traffic takes a variety of alternate routes
occur in turn repeatedly.
the governorship alternated between the Republican and Democratic parties
имя существительное
a person who acts as a deputy or substitute.
Not only that, but if your ex-wife is named as your executor or trustee, she will be ineligible to serve, and the person named as the alternate will serve.
Angel turned on her radio and switched to an alternate frequency reserved for emergencies, hoping she'd be able to contact Quinton.
The southern magnolia has alternate leaves, 4 to 5 inches wide and 5 to 10 inches long.
Through the construction of the hostel by using alternate technology, the Kerala-based Habitat Technology group has also propagated the message of energy efficiency.
People imbued with intensely tribal values often alternate between manic activism and depressed fatalism.
My second and third exercises are dumbbell preacher curls and seated alternate dumbbell curls, and again I supinate or pronate appropriately.
While I agree with a few of his points, and dislike the ranters' attitudes that such companies are simply evil, I feel like standing up a little for the ranters, or at least providing an alternate slant on their rants.
The sequence in the alternate dimension had a profound resonance with me, like I'd experienced similar places in dreams but couldn't quite remember the specifics.
Turns alternate with each player moving one of his pieces.
Originally the first alternate for the vault final, Tsiopoulous was substituted for Russia's Anton Golutsutskov and won the gold with two dynamic vaults.
Ulmus pumila is a woody species with monopodial branching and alternate leaves.