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alteration / изменение, переделка, перестройка
имя существительное
change, variation, modification, alteration, shift, amendment
alteration, remake, adaptation, recast, rearrangement, arrangement
perestroika, reconstruction, rearrangement, rebuilding, alteration, realignment
имя существительное
the action or process of altering or being altered.
timetables are subject to alteration without notice
Jung accepted that this course is never intractably fixed; it may at any time be subject to alteration .
The matter can be referred back to the executive committee, to the full council or it can be passed without alteration .
The fact that no objections were received to the proposed Local Plan alteration adds further weight to this view.
Not surprisingly, commuters in Strawberry Hill are rather upset by this alteration .
Very many words were written on the possible reasons for this alteration , but I didn't read them.
The alteration to or imitation of older styles was not limited to the 19th century.
Certainly there has been no fundamental alteration in the basic law.
His method was exacting, allowing no possibility of alteration or modification.
This alteration is thought to be mostly the result of the immune response to the virus.
There was little alteration in the design of the silver penny in the two centuries following the Norman Conquest.