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altar / алтарь, жертвенник, престол
имя существительное
altar, chancel, sanctuary, Lord's table
altar, credence, credenza, credence table, prothesis
throne, altar, see, crown, communion table
имя существительное
the table in a Christian church at which the bread and wine are consecrated in communion services.
His mice are to be found everywhere: scurrying across church pews and altars , sitting on oak ashtrays, inside clock cases and on oak bookends, even peeking out from beneath oak dining tables and chairs designed for grand country homes.
Later petitioners laid offerings of food on the altar in front of the deity's statue.
Inside, I made straight for the altar of Jowo Sakyamuni and placed my offering of fresh flowers and fruits.
I then spent a sufficient amount of time in the cathedral admiring the altar and ceiling.
The altar of his church in Bridgewater Street is adorned with the national flag.
In addition, above the altar in the side chapel, the church has placed a large painting by Mr Willson.
A representative of each family is invited to place a candle on the altar during the service.
I want to see William standing by the altar of the church that I've attended since I was a child.
They lay fruit and gifts at the altar and light joss sticks as the local shaman begins the ceremony.
At the centre you see two large, flat-topped boulders which look like an altar in a cathedral nave.
The stained glass windows behind the altar in Glann Church are in need of repair.