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also-ran / заурядный человек, посредственность, неудачник
имя существительное
заурядный человек
mediocrity, bromide, also-ran
mediocre, mediocrity, meanness, tameness, ordinariness, also-ran
Jonah, loser, failure, lame duck, underdog, also-ran
имя существительное
a loser in a race or contest, especially by a large margin.
This Saturday's game - and we can leave Italy out of any Six Nations equation - is a race for the also-rans , the contest for an elliptical wooden utensil, the championship's booby prize.
Uncle Rico lives in a trailer and is stuck in the past, reliving his glory days as a football also-ran by videoing himself throwing balls.
Even when he excelled at his favourite hobby of banger racing he was an also-ran , a man with a reputation of being shy, introverted and insignificant.
Once the undisputed premier provider of law enforcement handguns to America, the company found itself an also-ran in a few short years.
I'm in 170th place and 44 minutes behind the winner: to call me an also-ran would be flattery.
In the audio system, carbody electronics and instrument cluster sectors, the company has been strong in Europe but an also-ran in North America.
Their privately-schooled counterparts had nudged them into the league of also-rans .
Don't decry their initial efforts, but in the end they were reduced to the role of also-rans in a two-horse race.
It promises to find out which memories hit home and which fell by the wayside and to sort the champions from the also-rans with a final round of quick fire general knowledge.
Schumacher joined Ferrari in 1996 and turned them from also-rans to unbeatable world champions within just four seasons, and could help them secure their sixth consecutive world title on Sunday.
So what are the key factors that separate the million-dollar winners from the also-rans ?