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also / также, тоже, к тому же
also, as well, too, likewise, either, both
also, too, so, both, eke, item
к тому же
also, in addition, then, furthermore, too, therewith
in addition; too.
a brilliant linguist, he was also interested in botany
There will also be a new sign at the front of the building, which will be lit up at nights.
a brilliant linguist, he was also interested in botany
they're not only our neighbours but also our friends
It makes an ideal gift and is also a great present for a child as it grows so quickly.
She also had the gift of being able to reinvent herself every time she took up her pen.
It looks as if the second will also be yellow, while the third has yet to show any buds.
It may come as a bit of a surprise to know that I also have a keen interest in language.
It is also good for me to hear their side of things, to hear what they had to go through.
Neighbours told us that an excursion to the town by boat also makes for a good day out.
they have tea and also cakes