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already / уже, же
already, yet, along, afore
again, already
before or by now or the time in question.
Anna has suffered a great deal already
used as an intensive after a word or phrase to express impatience.
enough already with these crazy kids and their wacky dances!
at 31, he already suffers from arthritis
One I pegged down earlier in the summer had already rooted, so I potted it up on its own.
The midwife told me that my babe had already chosen her name and I will soon know what it is.
The figures for the previous quarter showed he was already well on his way to achieving it.
There is a campaign to have his face added to the four already carved into Mount Rushmore.
It would simply be more vicious treatment on top of what she has already suffered.
she's here already
there's already a lot of trouble in that area
After learning that Susan has already viewed the place they start to ask her questions.
Support for a possible campaign to bring back the district has already gathered pace.