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alpinist / альпинист
имя существительное
climber, mountaineer, alpinist, iceman, cragsman, backpacker
имя существительное
a climber of high mountains, especially in the Alps.
Operating without adequate fuel reserves was one of the issues that put these four alpinists in trouble.
Still, although these preclimb climbing trips have honed many an alpinist 's mental acuity, mountain acumen, and technical skill, they are usually too short to effectively jump-start physiological acclimatization.
This month, alpinist Mark Synnott tests the sharpest new ice axes, crampons, ice screws, leashes, and screamers.
In 1893, alpinist Malcolm Ross completed the climb alone saying it was one of the most difficult he'd done.
When Washburn was 16, his father, an Episcopal minister, took the family on a six-month sabbatical to Europe, where the fledgling alpinist summited Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn.
No alpinist worth his ice ax wants to be accused of climbing a mountain in lesser style than those who came before.
I'd asked Mark Twight to be my partner because he was a bold alpinist known for climbing fast and light, an ascetic philosophy I live by.
The Zmutt Ridge was climbed by the famous English alpinist Albert Frederick Mummery in 1879.
I perceived him as an alpinist ready to climb the Mont Blanc.
He's fast becoming the best Himalayan alpinist of this or any generation.
The town's location at the foot of Europe's highest mountain and the centre of every serious alpinist 's universe is not in question.