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alphanumeric / алфавитно-цифровой, буквенно-цифровой
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
consisting of or using both letters and numerals.
alphanumeric data
имя существительное
a character that is either a letter or a number.
Always use at least eight characters, including alphanumerics and symbols.
I've been reading a lot of stuff recently about how alphanumeric passwords will slowly disappear in favour of systems based on fingerprint or iris recognition.
Unlike the traditional pager, two-way pagers can transmit and receive alphanumeric messages.
Subjects were assigned alphanumeric identifiers specific to their groups.
The simplest regular expression is a plain alphanumeric string.
Based on this information, the software creates an alphanumeric code and transmits this code to Symantec through the internet.
Most of the information I crave is specific and textual; and since most specific text information involves more than one word in a row, I'm usually looking for alphanumeric strings.
This is a talking, laptop-style, battery-operated, electronic learning aid with an alphanumeric keyboard and a full dot matrix LCD screen which provides clear animated pictures.
In use the standard layout only extends to the alphanumeric keys; the extras you would normally find grouped separately are integrated as part of the main key interface which can be very confusing.
SMS is a technology that allows sending and receiving alphanumeric text messages to and from mobile phones.
Using alphanumeric passwords increases the number of possible password combinations by millions.