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alphabetize / располагать по алфавиту, располагать в алфавитном порядке
располагать по алфавиту
располагать в алфавитном порядке
arrange (words or phrases) in alphabetical order.
the listings are arranged by state and alphabetized by city
Why didn't I at least alphabetize my library, while I still had the chance?
Do you alphabetize CDs, books, and DVDs, or does it not matter?
Their principal function was to alphabetize Shakespeare's text, laying bare otherwise inaccessible qualities and quantities.
Unfortunately trying to alphabetize the band ‘The The’ ended in a vicious, never ending cycle from which I have yet to escape.
I've cleaned out all the urns in the tea cellar, blown the dust out of the Hydrogen Mainframe, and now I'm alphabetising our mugs.
Her books and other miscellaneous things were put at easy access, her books were alphabetized by title, and then by category, and her other things were put into the many drawers of the large, oak desk below the window.
I have so many CD's, LP's etc. that a couple of years ago when I was out of work I did index and alphabetise them.
To make an effective filing system, experts recommend alphabetizing your relevant documents by subject or category.
I added a whole slew of them to the sidebar today, and I think I am going to start categorizing or alphabetizing them or putting them on a different page all together.
In other news, MovableType considers capital letters to come before lower case letters when alphabetising things.