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alphabet / алфавит, азбука
имя существительное
alphabet, ABC
ABC, alphabet, hornbook
имя существительное
a set of letters or symbols in a fixed order, used to represent the basic sounds of a language; in particular, the set of letters from A to Z.
Thai is a tonal language, and its alphabet is derived from Mon and Khmer scripts.
The odd bit is that English is harder to read than any other language using the alphabet .
If we assign numerical values to the alphabet in order, the letters HUM added together would yield 42.
Czech is one of a group of Slavic languages that use the Roman rather than the Cyrillic alphabet .
Did I know that the place has not only its own language but its own alphabet ?
the Roman alphabet
For the present we are concentrating on ciphers where the basic symbols are the letters of the English alphabet .
In two or three months, all you get is a brief idea of the alphabet of a language.
a phonetic alphabet
Mrs Sulley taught me the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they represented.
Chinese does not have an alphabet , but characters representing words, formed from stokes symbolising syllables.