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alongside / рядом, бок о бок, у борта
next, beside, nearby, alongside, by, side by side
бок о бок
side by side, alongside
у борта
next, alongside, nigh, against, gainst
about, around, near, at, beside, alongside
у борта
close to the side of; next to.
she was sitting alongside him
It was developed alongside speech recognition technology acquired from SoftSound last year.
Javed Khan, advice centre co-ordinator, worked alongside Jane while she was a volunteer.
A road could be built alongside Fulford golf course and exit onto the bypass, or exit onto Heslington Lane.
The car pulled in and parked alongside the road in front of some quaint little shops.
Lithium can be used alongside careful monitoring of blood levels to prevent side effects.
Scott says he sort of inherited the field alongside the shop that has become his farm.
Stay on the coast path as you pass alongside magnificent coastal scenery.
There you have a basic beginning, tap dance continued to grow alongside the music that it was danced to.
I worked alongside him for many weeks
The appointment of a minister to embrace tourism alongside culture and sport is quite enough.