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alone / только, в одиночестве, наедине
only, alone, but, merely, solely, simply
в одиночестве
alone, in private, face to face, tete-a-tete
имя прилагательное
single, alone, solus
alone, lonely, single, lone, solitary, lonesome
отличный от других
variant, alone
himself, itself, myself, self, yourself, alone
имя прилагательное
having no one else present; on one's own.
she was alone that evening
indicating that something is confined to the specified subject or recipient.
we agreed to set up such a test for him alone
The limestone bath alone costs £10,000 and is cast from a single piece of stone shipped from Turkey.
If the agony of the feet has already caused you to seek medical help, you're not alone .
As C.S. Lewis put it, in the present moment alone are we offered freedom and actuality.
But it was so large I could not eat it all, and dining alone there was no-one else to assist!
Once they are alone together, Harry is surprised to find himself drawn to Erica for all the right reasons.
She has merit and has achieved thigh power alone and unaided.
The tree felling, it is sad to note, is not confined to forestlands alone .
Historians are not alone in benefiting from memoirs that have appeared under this regime.
Its motto is not confined to the school alone - it reflects the spirit of the entire Ellangowan community.
Of course, the Celts are not alone in having tales about their own pre-history.