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aloha / алоха
Hawaiian word used when greeting or parting from someone.
Teachers also talked about the Hawaiian value of aloha .
имя существительное
a community in northwestern Oregon, west of Portland; population 41,741 (2000).
The leis, symbols of aloha rooted in the Hawaiian spirit, are increasingly made from flowers grown elsewhere.
Say aloha to a slimmer you: try these Hawaiian-inspired recipes to lose weight and increase your energy.
Enjoy these nutritious, easy-to-make meals all summer, and say goodbye to your excess pounds - and aloha to a slimmer you!
Teachers also talked about the Hawaiian value of aloha .
Instead of aloha from Hawaii, Spruce is greeted in the Arctic by angry mosquitoes that proceed to hospitalise him.
Though there's aloha for many things in Hawaii, when it comes to this issue, there's not much aloha .
In spite of the diversity the common thing of these islands is aloha , the spirit of welcoming.
‘Much aloha and thanks to all of you for your efforts on this issue,’ Heroldt wrote in an email to supporters (including Alliance staff).
Baby Hawaiian pineapple: This one hails from the islands of aloha and stands about an inch taller than the South African baby pineapple.
The hang-loose gesture of surf culture - a raised fist with the pinky and thumb out - is in fact the Hawaiian shaka gesture, communicating the spirit of aloha , or love and civility.