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aloft / в воздухе, вверх, наверх
в воздухе
in the air, aloft, upstairs, upstair
up, upwards, upward, aloft, endwise, endways
up, upstairs, above, aloft, upstair
имя прилагательное
up in or into the air; overhead.
the congregation sways, hands aloft
The man eventually agreed to come down after more than 16 hours sitting aloft in freezing temperatures and rain.
Each time the crowd surges, I'm completely off my feet, the pressure of the pack keeping me aloft .
He addressed the sailor that was aloft clutching the rigging for dear life.
This was the scene when more than 500 staff from Motorola held cards aloft to create a huge red nose as part of a fundraising bid for Comic Relief.
The 5ft-wingspan model could lead to the development of pilotless aircraft that can stay aloft indefinitely.
Jesus held his hand aloft above his eyes, so as to shield his vision from the glare of the sun, and blew wind through his lips.
Nevertheless, persistence paid off, and man was finally able to soar aloft with improved gliding equipment.
With this, he walked into the water, the hat held aloft so it wouldn't get wet.
We hustled to pack up our tables and bags and, holding our tents aloft , started marching.
Hornblower was about to return topside when the men from aloft scampered down the companionway.