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aloe / алоэ, столетник
имя существительное
agave, aloe, century plant, pita, American aloe
имя существительное
a succulent plant, typically having a rosette of toothed fleshy leaves and bell-shaped or tubular flowers on long stems. Native to the Old World tropics, several species are cultivated commercially or as ornamentals.
The planters use aloes and other succulent plants that are able to survive under different kinds of environmental conditions.
the fragrant heartwood of a tropical Asian tree.
We would like to see important products, like sago, rattan, and aloe wood being protected for future use, and the area that we set aside for production use could be used by logging companies if proper agreements can be made.
The leaf of the aloe plant contains 12 different vitamins and 20 different minerals as part of its 200 active compounds.
Go to your local nursery and buy an aloe plant now, so that you will have the thick gel to use when the weather really heats up.
It's the middleman who used to buy Sam's aloe wood; Sam still owes him 6,000 baht for helping pay his poaching fine.
The dog watched her search through her cloak to find the aloe .
All of these constituents are aromatic indicating that the cinnamon oil, the oil of anise star and the linalool oil of aloe wood all emanate from the powder composition.
People have known about the medicinal value of aloe for thousands of years.
I was too numb to feel the cool touch of the aloe to my skin.
The margin of the aloe leaf is usually lifted with teeth having a sharp terminal spine on the end of each leaf.
Galster walks up to the owner, a middle-aged Iraqi with a clipped rectangular mustache, and explains that he wants to export aloe wood to the United States.
Preferring a limestone-rich soil, American aloe requires full sun.