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alms / милостыня, подаяние, милосердие
имя существительное
alms, handout
alms, handout
mercy, charity, grace, clemency, graciousness, alms
имя существительное
(in historical contexts) money or food given to poor people.
Setting the tone for the rest of the journey, the queen made public appearances and distributed alms to the poor.
The tenth day of the month of Muharram is observed by visits to the graves of relatives, followed by prayers and the giving of alms to the poor.
They pray five times a day, fast during the month of Ramadan, perform the sacred pilgrimage to Mecca and give alms to the poor.
A person who has found money must give half of it as alms or he will lose more than what he found.
But as soon as he went away, Ravana appeared in the form of a monk begging for alms .
They also served as parish priests and offered hospitality to travellers and alms to the poor.
She started distributing alms to the weak hands that reached out and then suddenly she stopped.
The empathy gained by fasting is meant to socialise people into giving alms to the poor which is considered to be the very basis of sociality.
To celebrate Id al-Fitr, Moslems say the special feast prayer in a community format and give special alms to the poor.
The point used to be to give alms to poor people on Hallowe'en and if you didn't then bad luck would come to you.
One day, as she was giving out alms for the poor, the King arrived and so she hid the alms in the fold of her gown, scared that he would be angered by the amount she was giving to the needy.