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almost / почти, едва не
almost, nearly, about, near, most, practically
едва не
almost, all but, near
имя прилагательное
actual, factual, virtual, practical, almost
not quite; very nearly.
he almost knocked Georgina over
The waters of Loch an Eilean were flat calm and the stillness of the air almost eerie.
She was prepared to put up with almost anything in order not to have to face up to her past.
I almost forgot
If you pick up an injury which almost costs you the whole season it is very frustrating.
Some of the lads have come and gone, but we've got a hard core who almost always turn up.
On the fifth he drove it in a creek to the left and almost broke his club hacking it out of there.
He could sit down with a drawing pad and sketch out almost every movement of a game.
A guy made a dash for the train door and the door almost closed but he pried it open.
it will eat almost anything
he almost dropped the bottle