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allusive / иносказательный, содержащий ссылку, изобилующий ссылками
имя прилагательное
allegorical, allegoric, allusive, periphrastic, parabolic, parabolical
содержащий ссылку
изобилующий ссылками
имя прилагательное
(of a remark or reference) working by suggestion rather than explicit mention.
allusive references to the body
Above all, they are gestures by which the poet and the reader may together, through a sequence of allusive suggestions and corresponding recognitions, infuse the written text with breath.
Findlay is sympathetic to the self-referential and allusive nature of the play, Shakespeare's most mature comedy, and makes no attempt at realism.
Approaching the texts in a suggestive and allusive manner, they draw on their own poetic experience to elucidate the texts.
A fair portion of contemporary poetry over-relies on self-reflexive irony, tonal detachment, and an often irritating allusive erudition.
It is a misfortune that the text of the history of Ammianus Marcellinus, which introduces this episode, is defective, and that only allusive back references survive.
But it's a perfect example of the strange and allusive poetry he brings to even the most conventional of subjects, such as his portrait of an archer, which seems to be both more and less than a portrait.
Both make allusive abstract forms that can suggest seedpods, cells or constellations, and both work in a generous scale with a sensitive touch.
In opening with an anonymous voice, only later identified, we are immediately plunged into the allusive narrative style which characterises this novel.
Wizon's titles are evocative and allusive , and it is only via their suggestions that one can begin to read the touches of color in terms of imagery.
Mr. Bellow's prose is energetic and torrential; his voice learned and allusive .