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allusion / намек, ссылка, упоминание
имя существительное
hint, allusion, cue, reference, suggestion, inkling
link, reference, exile, ref, citation, allusion
mention, reference, allusion, citation, touching
имя существительное
an expression designed to call something to mind without mentioning it explicitly; an indirect or passing reference.
an allusion to Shakespeare
There's nothing wrong with allusion , or indeed, literary theft.
Such Biblical allusion was in stark contrast to the welter of less printable comments being bellowed by the faithful.
A cultural world in which allusion is defined as theft seems an awfully impoverished one.
The stanza is written like the formulaic examples of wit and allusion in old-fashioned riddle books.
We need the connections formed by allusion ; we understand the new in light of the old, and so our language links us to older traditions.
Ben-Porat provides an analysis of allusion as a literary technique.
the use of allusion
It is to these factors, as much as to studies and use by scholars and writers, that the widespread survival of biblical usage and allusion can be attributed.
a classical allusion
For the trained symbologist, watching an early Disney movie was like being barraged by an avalanche of allusion and metaphor.