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allure / очарование, привлекательность, обаяние
имя существительное
charm, fascination, glamor, enchantment, allure, loveliness
attractiveness, attraction, appeal, allure, grace, prettiness
charm, fascination, charisma, spell, glamor, allure
lure, allure, bait, lure away, inveigle, lead on
tempt, seduce, lure, entice, allure, court
fascinate, captivate, attract, allure, bewitch, sirenize
имя существительное
the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.
people for whom gold holds no allure
powerfully attract or charm; tempt.
The once pretty and alluring attraction of Little Marlow had been lost.
I hope that fleshing out the mystique hasn't detracted at all from its allure .
There have been blond sex bombs who were aware of their dubious allure and had the good sense to mock it before anyone else did.
For the League sides however, the Cup run retains its allure as a route to excitement and glamour.
Despite its romantic allure , gold has historically been a pretty lousy investment.
Instead, the shadows crept over her, giving her a rather mysterious allure and then soon took off.
people for whom gold holds no allure
The overall atmosphere created by the film is an important part of its allure .
They enthralled us with their accomplishments, their glamour and their allure .
The fable of King Midas is one of the prettiest admonitions in classical mythology against the dangerous allure of gold.
In politics the Communist Party had at last lost its allure following the suppression of the Hungarian Revolution.