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allude / ссылаться, намекать, упоминать
refer, cite, allude, plead, quote, mention
hint, allude, insinuate, suggest, tip off, intimate
mention, refer, name, make mention, note, allude
suggest or call attention to indirectly; hint at.
she had a way of alluding to Jean but never saying her name
Another larger minnow, Luciosoma bleekeri, has Lao names which allude to its being found in rice paddies.
A deceivingly playful departure from his previous work is Holderfield's series of small paper animal sculptures that sprout extra heads and limbs as they indirectly allude to the inevitable mishaps of cloning.
At no time during this meeting did he discuss or allude to specific violations of conduct, Lavik said.
we will allude briefly to the main points
The other two pieces, now lost, are a relief sculpture and Anguished Woman in her Room at Night, which uses the reclining female form and similar spikes as those seen here to allude to mental pain.
She does briefly allude to this complexity between the local and the national on pages 27-28, but this could have been enhanced by further explicit reasoning and additional detail.
I'd never use this word in polite company, and can barely bring myself to allude to it, even very obliquely.
The accompanying booklet notes allude to the hard-won simplicity of Mansurian's language.
In what is perhaps a desire to allude to the baton twirlers of the marching band halftime show, the staging relies too heavily on dancers with giant flowing flags and large, geometrically abstract but still twirlable props.
He did not mention or allude to the exhibition again.