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allowance / припуск, допуск, скидка
имя существительное
allowance, stock, overmeasure
tolerance, admittance, allowance, limit, right of entrance, recourse
discount, rebate, reduction, allowance, deduction, abatement
выдавать паек
ration, allowance
выдавать содержание
назначать паек
имя существительное
the amount of something that is permitted, especially within a set of regulations or for a specified purpose.
a seventy-five-pound baggage allowance
give (someone) a sum of money regularly as an allowance.
She spoke of getting travel allowanced but this depended on the social worker who had been assigned and they are not allowed leave their accommodation for more than three days.
Baggage allowance is 64 kg in two bags, with one small carry-on bag allowed.
a personal allowance
a seventy-five-pound baggage allowance
It is not, for example, going to point out that you could top up your pension to take advantage of the tax breaks, or transfer some savings into your spouse's name to soak up their personal allowance .
There needs to be systemic allowance for the fact that getting regulated prices ‘right’ is very hard.
My parents taught me to save the coins of my allowance .
Everyone is entitled to a personal allowance - the amount you can earn before tax is due - from the day they are born.
So if your parents ever offer you an allowance of a penny on the first of the month, two pennies on the second, four pennies on the third, and so on, you should definitely take them up on it!
In her outing prior to the Maryland Juvenile Filly Championship, she finished fourth in an allowance / optional claiming race at Laurel.
As a result, time allowance for writing is ensured, which contributes to reduction of software processing load by an external device.