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allowable / допустимый, приемлемый, дозволенный
имя прилагательное
permissible, admissible, allowable, acceptable, reasonable, affordable
acceptable, reasonable, admissible, satisfactory, agreeable, allowable
permitted, allowable
имя прилагательное
allowed, especially within a set of regulations; permissible.
the loan deal has been extended to the maximum allowable three months
(of an amount of money) not considered as income for tax purposes.
tax is payable after deduction of allowable expenses
A fees officer scrawled "not allowable " next to it.
By contrast, the retributive theory places strict limits on the allowable punishment.
He said the Government had offered them the maximum rates allowable .
This year the two companies will fish their given quotas out of the 195 000 total allowable catch.
Higher rate taxpayers should get pension tax relief of 42 per cent on these sums up to the maximum relief allowable .
According to the Costs Grid, an hourly rate of up to $400 is allowable for costs on a substantial indemnity scale.
In an honest attempt to fund their retirement accounts, many individuals contribute amounts in excess of the allowable limits.
Members should be aware that all expenditure incurred in deriving exempt income will not be an allowable deduction.
Washing machines with the Energy Star designation are 50 percent more energy efficient than the current minimal allowable standard.
An angular interval between prescribed two of the at least three identification elements indicates a maximum allowable rotational speed of the rotor.